Without an excellent principal, it’s hard to find an excellent school. More than anybody else, she is responsible for the character of the school. A good director is a CEO, general, cheerleader and above all a leader in education. She has a vision of what a good school is and does everything she needs to get students and teachers to work towards these objectives. This is a job with an amazing array of responsibilities. A good director not only manages the school business but also manages the learning process. In developing the curriculum, she works with teachers. It assesses and motivates instructors and ensures that they have the necessary resources. Since a good school keeps order, she knows that strong discipline and top academics are two sides of a corner. She helps to make up the budget and plan. She treats parents as an adjunct professorship and acts as a liaison with the community. She comforts unhappy kids and hosts school meetings. Each good director develops his own leadership version, but all the good directors put academics first. They focus on the mastery of fundamental knowledge and skills of children in key topics. If academics in school do not receive...

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