The end of the school year is approaching and you get news that your heart is sinking: there is a serious problem with the progress of your child and the principal wants to talk to you about repeating a grade. All kinds of emotions are boiling over. You’re frustrated and frustrated. You’re angry at school and your child, perhaps. You blame yourself at the same time. But now you have some powerful choices to make. You must concentrate on how to make things right. Keep in mind that most school systems take the judgments and preferences of parents seriously when considering ” grade retention ” (education for children). Some schools will not retain a child without the consent of parents. Others have strong cuts: all children who do not have a certain number of subjects have to repeat a school year or do remedial work. Your school system (or state) may require students to pass qualifying examinations before they reach the next grade. Sine~ The rules differ a lot from place to place, you should ask for a copy of the promotion/retention policy of your school and get to know it. Educators disagree about the benefits and disadvantages of retention....

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