If you want to spend some of your time, talk to the administration, the librarian or the teacher of your child. You should be able to make suggestions or contact a member of staff or parent who coordinates voluntary work. If you’re not available during the day of the school, you can still help. Here are some of the many helpful tasks parents can do: Organize a guest speaker’s visit to the classroom. Coordinate a field trip or drive offer. Tutor students who need extra help. Sponsor of an after-school club (e.g. computer club, chess, art). Help coach or manage a team of athletes. Help set up a display of science. Be a monitor in the hall or playground once a month. Supervise a chair in the study hall. Welcome to the library or lunchroom. Help put a good teacher honor program in place. Help with a fundraising project (e.g. book fair, auction) make costumes or scenery for a school. At a school event, take pictures or videotape. Prepare food for a class Please talk about your job, hobby or trip. Help plan the annual work of the school (posting, copying, answering phones) in the school office. Help clean up...

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