The parent-teacher conference is your chance to check the progress of your child, find out the expectations of the teacher, ensure that you share the same goals and let her know what is happening at home. The time is limited, so think about what you would like to say and ask in advance. ” I always ask parents to write their questions before the conference, ” says Linda Hoekstra, a teacher from Virginia. Bring it with you if a report card is recently issued. You may want to ask some of the following questions: How is my child progressing? How is she doing compared to her classmates? What are her best subjects? Her worst ones? Does she seem to have any special talents? Gaps that concern you? Does my child work hard at school? Should I be doing anything to improve her work habits? How is her behavior? Does she pay attention? Does she get along with her classmates? Is she on time for class? Does she participate in discussions and activities? Does she work well independently? Is she having any particular problems during the school day that I should know about? What will my child be learning in the...

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