The study of history has the invaluable value of allowing us to learn from the experiences of others. The recorded past is an extensive depository of the insights, trials, errors and triumphs of humanity. We can take this rich accumulation of experience by studying history and make it part of our own wisdom. ” It’s always a child to not know what’s been done in the past, ” Cicero wrote. ” If the labors of past ages are not used, the world must always remain in the infancy of knowledge. ” When we make use of the experiences of others, history becomes a guide to the present. Of course, it does not give us precise directions, but it can be a bright lamp to hang on our little vessel’s bow as we sail on what would otherwise be a dark and chartless sea. The student of the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression knows how to save for a rainy day because times are not always good. The child who reads about Florence Nightingale fighting disease and misery in Crimea learns that you have to be organized and determined to tackle a terrible problem. The lessons of history provide us...

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