father-kidsThese are ten key principles to raise an educated child. Take them to your heart.

  1. The first and most important teachers are parents. The more involved you are, the better the chances your child will receive a good education. The difference you can make is immense.
  2. When schooling begins, your teaching must not stop. Some parents withdraw from educational involvement after their children reach school age. It’s a mistake. Without your help, support, and interest, teachers cannot do a good job.
  3. The early years form the basis for all subsequent learning. Make it robust. The first couple of years of life and the first few school years are critical. A solid eighth – grade education is a necessity or there will be problems at high school and beyond.
  4. American schools do not perform well. Many schools pay too little attention to the basics of academia and standards are often too low. Trust but check. Please do not assume that your school does a good job.
  5. Learning demands discipline; discipline demands values. Too many classrooms are disturbed by irreverent children. Too many children were not taught the necessary virtues to be successful in school.
  6. Use common sense. Some people act as if it takes a certain degree to know whether a school does a good job. Wrong. Wrong. You are your child’s expert. Talk to parents and teachers and trust your instincts.
  7. Content matters: what children study decide how well they learn. Many schools do not want to tell their students exactly what facts and ideas they should know. In American education, this is a fundamental problem. Some things in elementary school are more important than others.
  8. TV is an enemy of a good education. TV is the biggest obstacle to learning in many homes. We urge you to shut it off during the school year from Sunday evening until Friday evening.
  9. Reform of education is possible. You can modify the system. If you are interested and committed, you can do a lot to ensure your child receives excellent training. There are ways to improve the school of your child, particularly if you work with other parents.
  10. Target high, expect a lot and children will be successful. No parent, school or child is perfect, but we are all expected to reach the level. The most effective way to learn is to raise standards.

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