Active study means cognitively engaging the information that passes on to the material before your eyes, constantly asking yourself questions about it and thinking about it as you go along. The more you’re involved with the text, the more you learn it. Here are several methods that good students use to study actively. Teachers should train their child in similar strategies, but they must be implemented at home. Help your child determine what works best for her. Identify main facts and ideas. Stop and identify the key ideas in this section when you read a paragraph or page. Enhance or highlight the most important words and phrases. Take notes. Write down key concepts, dates, names and terms, and so on. Write a quick sentence or two that summarizes the essence of what you read. Use the notes to look at the lesson. Make a text outline. For example, after reading a story, enter the setting, the main characters, the action sequence, the main conflict, the resolution, and the topic. Make a diagram or a chart. Type new terms or ideas. Make a timeline to organize a lesson about history. Draw a quick picture to show what you learn, if it...

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