Here are some of your child’s study skills. You might want to lick up one or two of them and spend some time practicing them together. You will also find reminders on how to keep our kid on the right track. Most are clear, but you would be surprised how many parents and students violate these rules of common sense. They call on all family members to be self – disciplined. Establish a study area. Make sure your home has a place to study-a quiet, well-lit area. It can be anywhere in the room of your child, the kitchen table or a family dining room if it works best. If you have space and means to provide a personal desk for your child, do so by all means. Whatever the arrangement, just make sure that this cardinal rule comes into force: the area is sacrosanct during the study period. It is excluded from other activities and protected against interruption. Remove distractions. It’s amazing how many parents let their children ” study ” in front of the TV set. When someone watches a sitcom out of her eye, flips the dial on a blaring radio or listens to others speaking a...

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