Maintaining an open line of communication with the school is one of your main tasks. Too many parents fall at work, unfortunately. ” You send notices home, there is no answer, ” says a teacher from Cleveland. ” You ask parents not to come to conferences. You send homework, you can see that parents do not pay attention to it. ” Another problem is that some teachers are not well trained in the art of parent communication. ” I think the most important thing many of us as teachers have to remember is that we have to listen to the parents, ” says Rhode Island’s second-grade teacher. ” That’s essential. But, I think, they also have to listen to us. It must definitely be a gift and take. ” Some things to remember about staying in touch here: Meet the teachers of your child as soon as possible. Take the initiative with you. Enter at the beginning of the school year – on – year or during the week before the school begins (when the teacher is likely to be in school). Or just say a quick hi when you have your child picked up. This is an important, but...

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