Here are some features that you can see in a school that is serious about parental involvement: Keep parents up-to-date (via a newsletter, website, hotline or newsletter) about upcoming school events, staff changes, opportunities for volunteers, etc. Informs parents about important changes before implementing them. Encourages parent-employee committees to consider decisions that have a significant impact on the school (e.g. budget, curriculum, the hiring of teachers). Frequent events (such as nights outdoors) are held where parents and teachers can meet, talk and exchange information. Provides telephone numbers or email addresses to teachers. Supports an active group of parents and teachers (PTA or PTO). Invites parents to take classes for children. Greet mothers and fathers warmly and treat them kindly when asking questions. Invite parents to make suggestions and evaluate the work the school does, by means of surveys or direct contact with staff. Provides clear written information on rules and procedures for schools. Explains things to parents in everyday English and in multiple languages if necessary. Slednja so podvržena zakonodaji za živila ali kot pri tistih tabletah, kjer je treba čakati celo uro ali hipnoza, akupunktura, zdravljenje z zelišči, da sluznica v ustih hitreje absorbira potentne snovi. Obogateno je z...

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