Evolution is one of the most sensitive subjects in the school curriculum.  Teachers, state and local school boards, curriculum developers, textbook companies, and legislators have all spent considerable time worrying about how it should be handled. That evolution is. taught at all disturbs some parents. Others scoff at anyone who expresses reservations. We know of no solution that will satisfy everyone–other than allowing parents to pick their own schools with their own distinctive emphases and philosophies-but we offer a few thoughts to keep in mind. First, understand that the theory of evolution is broadly accepted in the scientific community. There is still debate about some of the mechanisms involved, but on the whole, it is considered by scientists to be the soundest explanation for certain patterns and evidence found in nature. Second, because it is widely regarded as a central organizing theory of biology, most schools do teach evolution. This is a reasonable position for educators to take. Since the worldwide community of scientists views evolution as one of its most important theories, it would be strange indeed if U.S. science classes ignored it. Third, many religious people have concluded that evolution is itself part of God’s creation or design...

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