The revision of a draft is a complex step, as the author usually looks at various aspects of his work. He has to consider whether his story or argument is meaningful in its entirety and whether his mechanics are in order. Are there missing ideas? Should we simplify the wording? The French novelist Anatole France said that ” you become a good writer as you become a good joiner: by planning your sentences. ” It is often a good idea to ask others to look at a draft to find out what their ideas and opinions can improve. Many children will not share their work until it is finished. ” They may be embarrassed to see something imperfect for others, but the use of constructive criticism is an important part of writing learning. Here are some of the questions that your child should ask his papers at the revision stage: Does it say what I meant? Will it make sense to someone else? Did I stick to my topic? Did I leave any important ideas or information out? Did I organize information so that the ideas and arguments flow in a logical sequence? Did I use reliable sources for my...

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