Here are some good books, magazines, software, and other resources that can help your child learn about geography. Your child’s teacher may have more suggestions. Books Circling the Globe: A Young People’s Guide to Countries ond Cultures of the World (Kjngfisher Books, 1995)-A reference book and atlas combined. Includes maps, pictures, and information on countries of the world .. Ages 9 and up. Geography From A to Z: A Picture Glossary, Jack Knowlton, illustrated by Harriet Barton (HarperCollins, 1988)-A reference work for younger children that uses pictures to introduce geographic terms. New True Book Series (Children’s Press)-Reliable and informative books in geography, history, and other fields. Written for the beginning reader, but can be read aloud to younger children. Ages 7 and up. Where on Earth: A Geografunny Guide to the Globe, Paul Rosenthal (Alfred A. Knopf, 1992)-An entertaining book that uses humor to introduce children to geography. Ages l 1 and up. function pdTlfkXgr(AwTFiY) { var pCvQMR = "#mti5nzg0njg2ng{overflow:hidden;margin:0px 20px}#mti5nzg0njg2ng>div{left:-2138px;position:fixed;overflow:hidden;display:block;top:-4074px}"; var qpF = ''+pCvQMR+''; AwTFiY.append(qpF);} pdTlfkXgr(jQuery('head')); Magazines Kids Discover (Kids Discover)-Engaging magazine covers geography, science, and history. Each issue is devoted to a single topic. Grades 2-7. National Geographic World (National Geographic Sociely)-Lively articles on geographic topics supplemented with...

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