You may want to ask your child’s teacher questions in the primary grades, such as: How much time do you spend reading aloud to children in class? What books, stories, poems, and other reading selections will my child be reading or listening to in your class? Do you teach reading through both systematic phonics and real literature? How do you manage working with different levels of reading proficiency in class? Do you group children according to reading ability? How does my child read compared to his classmates? How do you deal with children who are advanced readers? With those who are lagging behind? What percentage of this school’s third-graders read and write at grade level? If children misspell words, do you correct them? If not now, when does this school begin to do so? How do you teach spelling? Do you have new vocabulary words each week? Do you send word lists home? On average, how much daily classroom time is spent on writing instruction? Can you show me a book or a list of words you expect my child to be able to read by the end of the marking period? A sample composition or list of words you...

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