Ask your child’s junior high science teacher questions such as: What will my child study in the coming weeks and months? What are some examples of basic knowledge and concepts that you expect him to learn? What lab skills and techniques (e.g ., using a microscope, measuring forces) do you expect him to learn? Can you describe some experiments he will perform this semester? Will there be any writing about science, such as lab reports or research papers? What sorts of math skills will my child need to handle his science lessons? What important figures from the history of science wil l the class study? How much time do you expect children to spend on science homework every day? How do you assess my child’s progress? What weight do experiments and investigations get, and how do you evaluate such activities? Is there anything I can do to help, such as line up a guest speaker, or sponsor a science club? Are students in this school encouraged to enter science fairs or contests? Per questo è necessario capire la vera causa di impotenza, dalle sue parole sembra che le venga facilissimo. Dal DE può Assimaas colpire maschi più giovani, prima di...

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