There are all sorts of ways you can reinforce the math lessons being taught at school. You don’t need a blackboard and chalk. A math lesson can happen anytime, anywhere. If your child is learning to divide, make up simple division problems: “I have six cookies to give you, your brother, and your sister. How many cookies will each of you get?” When she first learns about place value, you might want to bundle some Popsicle sticks into sets of tens and let her practice writing the numbers for different piles of sticks (3 bundles plus 4 leftover sticks = 34). If she’s studying percentages, ask her to figure out the tip when the family eats out. It is important to show children that this subject has practical uses in everyday living. Home, more than a school classroom, is apt to generate genuine relevance. Point out the ubiquity and utility of numbers to young children-in street addresses, phone numbers, weather reports, sports scores, etc. Make an effort to involve older children in the myriad small calculations you make as you go about chores. If the fertilizer bag says to use 20 pounds for every 5,000 square feet of lawn, ask...

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