The first preschool rule is to start early. There are many other parents, like you, who try to find the best people to teach and watch their children. Excellent preschools are limited. The best programmes, even selective admissions, may have waiting lists, so do not delay. Of course, you have some practical questions to consider: should the preschool be near my home or workplace? How long will I have to take to and from preschool my child? How much can I afford? As you probably know, sometimes very expensive pre-schooling is good.) These are important factors. Parents ‘ decisions sometimes tumble on them. But you also have to weigh more: your child’s needs. How many hours can she take every day or week away from home? How much building does it need? Would she thrive in a quiet or busy environment? What kind of activities is she most interested in? For example, if she loves singing and dancing, you might be looking for a preschool music teacher.) What activities worry her or make her feel insecure? Do you need to find a place for children who are not fully trained in the toilet? You will want to find a preschool...

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