This is a challenging list of geography terms. If your child can explain what most of them mean by the end of elementary school, her teachers have done a good job of making her geographically literate. bay-an inlet from the sea or other large body of water canal-a man-made waterway built to carry goods or water canyon-a deep, narrow valley with steep sides delta-a fan-shaped deposit of sand, mud, silt, or other material at the mouth of a river equator-imaginary line encircling the earth halfway between the North and South poles floodplain-level land that may be submerged during flood times glacier-a large, long-lasting body of ice that advances slowly down a slope gulf-a large part of an ocean or sea extending into the land isthmus-a narrow strip of land between two bodies of water, joining two larger land areas oasis-a fertile spot in the desert peninsula-a piece of land sticking into the water plain-a large area of level or gently rolling land plateau-an area of generally level land that is elevated above the land around it reef-a chain of rocks or coral lying near the surface of the water reservoir-an artificial lake where water is stored strait-a narrow body of...

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