Children learn to read through reading. It requires plenty of practice. However, many American schoolchildren read 10 or fewer pages daily for school and homework. This is simply not sufficient experience to make your child a very strong reader. He needs to read every day at home. Especially if his homework is light, he has to spend some more time reading books. We know some things about reading at home in this country. The good news, first. The more children you read at home, the more likely they are to do in school. The amount of time spent reading is directly linked to the understanding of children, the size of their vocabulary and their ability to read. In this equation, parents also count. When they get involved with reading their children at home, the scores go up. The bad news now. Many American kids at home just don’t read much. Less than half of the fourth graders–and only one-fifth of the eighth graders–read for fun on a daily or almost daily basis at their own time. Among the eighth graders, less than half read once or twice a week for fun. However, students watch a lot of TV. On average,...

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