Here are some ways to connect with the school of your child. If you are like most parents, you won’t have time every semester to do all these things, but this list can help you identify some ways to participate. Get to know the teachers of your child. Don’t wait until they come to you. Enter as soon as school begins. Talk about keeping in touch throughout the year. Knowing the teachers and communicating with them regularly is perhaps the most important way to participate in the school of your child. Learn who’s in the education cycle with your child. Besides meeting the teachers, it is always a good idea to meet other staff at the school. Talk to the principal, assistant directors, librarian, consultant, school secretary, nurse, coach and other adults who have contact with your child. If you’re not sure what the job involves, ask. The better you know school officials, the better you feel comfortable with questions, problems, and ideas. You will also be able to talk about school with your child and relate to her experiences. Meet other parents. In particular, you will want to meet some mothers and fathers of the classmates and fathers of...

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