How well do you remain involved in the education of your child at home and at school? Does your child have a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast? Have you established a regular homework time every day? Have your kid a quiet place to study? Do you make sure that she does her homework? Did you teach her to track the tasks by writing them down? Do you periodically look at her textbooks? Read the teacher’s comments about returned tests and tasks? Have you ever helped your child prepare tests by asking questions or checking materials? How often do you attend school activities such as parent-teacher conferences, open – house nights and meetings with PTA / PTO? Have you introduced yourself to teachers, headmasters, and other school staff members? Have you read the school manual to ensure that you understand its regulations and policies? Did you know the parents of your kids ‘ classmates? Did you watch a class? Always volunteer at school? Do you have meetings, phone calls or notes with your teacher? Have you done anything to thank or to honor the teacher of your child? Aké sú rozdiely medzi kvapkami a že žena nemôže počas pohlavného...

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