Preschoolers playing with musical instruments. For many laudable, unavoidable, egotistical, and even tragic reasons, many parents now rely on someone else to take care of their young children. Some may be cared for by a grandparent or other relative. A small percentage of families have their own baby nanny, nanny or au pair. Many find a ” home care provider, ” someone in their own home to look after a small group of young people. Other parents are still dependent on day care centers, which often treat large numbers of children. Regardless of the arrangement, many parents are concerned: how does daycare affect my child? Am I doing what is right? Without simple answers, these are difficult questions. We believe that every honest consideration of daycare begins with an undeniable truth: nobody can take the place of a loving parent in caring for a child. Nobody else can give the same understanding and devotion. Nobody else but maybe grandparents have such hopes and dreams. Nobody else has the patience and attention of all children to this particular child. However, in your circumstances, some form of daycare may be necessary. In that case, you want to find a place that is...

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