The first few years of life are, in many ways, the most critical time in the education of children. Human nature observers have long recognized the fundamental importance of early learning. ” Train a child in the way he should go, and he will not de...

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Once you have found the right preschool, your job is to work with the teacher and the principal. Touch base often. Ask the teacher how she would rather stay in touch with mothers and fathers. Some parents build their daily schedule for a few minutes so th...

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The first preschool rule is to start early. There are many other parents, like you, who try to find the best people to teach and watch their children. Excellent preschools are limited. The best programmes, even selective admissions, may have waiting lists...

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In the pre-Kindergarten years, many parents want to give their children a taste of school. Some people make considerable sacrifices to put their four, three or even two – year – olds in the best preschool programmes, perhaps only a few hours a...

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For many laudable, unavoidable, egotistical, and even tragic reasons, many parents now rely on someone else to take care of their young children. Some may be cared for by a grandparent or other relative. A small percentage of families have their own baby ...

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