Most basic teachers are keen to teach the stories and books they loved in their own infancy. However, classic children’s literature is limited in some classrooms. Yes, some people would expel Pinocchio, tear down the Little House on the Prairie and remove Greek mythology from the shelves. Educator and author Herbert Kohl, for example, takes a dismayed look at the elephant who grew up to be king in his book Shall We Bum Babar? and tells us all that ‘s wrong with this tale: Babai finds himself in a city where ” power is with people and not with animals; ” he is ” in the hands of the Rich Lady ” who tries to help him (” the source of her power is her money-we know little more about it. A ” sensitivity to bias and a vision of equality ” is ” completely absent in nearly all books written for children in the past. ” Indeed, these works are ” written from the perspective of the virtues of individualism, competition, and capitalism. ” What instead should we give them? Kohl asks for works that ” consider the economic and social structure of our society and the values of...

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